Mass Shooting At Michigan State - Suspect Kills Self As Police Approach

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Feb 14, 2023 - 04:35 AM

Update 1:50 am:  At a 1:30 am press update, police did not name the dead suspect, but said he is a 43-year-old man who is not affiliated in any way with Michigan State University. "We have no idea why he came to campus tonight" and killed three people and critically injured five more, said MSU Police Deputy Chief Chris Rozman.  

Politicians raced to demand new infringements on the right to bear arms. "Fuck your thoughts and prayers," Democratic Michigan state house majority whip Ranjeev Puri tweeted late Monday night, as he posted a statement calling for "common sense gun reform" -- without providing specifics. 


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Update 12:40 am: Some three-and-a-half hours after he first opened fire, the suspect in the Michigan State University mass shooting has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, police reported at a 12:25 am press conference. Per police scanner traffic, he shot himself as police approached him at a street intersection in northeast Lansing that's about four miles from campus. 

Police say they're confident there was only one shooter and the threat is over. They lifted the directive for students and staff to shelter in place, but all campus activities have been cancelled for 48 hours. 

Three people are dead, and five are wounded and in critical condition. Fatalities occurred both at Berkey Hall -- an academic building -- as well as the MSU student union building. 

Beyond his previous description as a "black male, shorter in stature," the shooter has not yet been identified, nor do police know if he has any affiliation with the university. Police have not yet said what type of firearm or firearms were used in the attacks. 

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A Monday evening mass shooting at Michigan State University has reportedly resulted in multiple casualties -- and it may not be over, with the perpetrator still at large and reports of shots fired still being relayed by dispatchers more than two hours after the rampage began.

With the manhunt underway, police held a press conference, announcing that "initial information is that the suspect is a black male, shorter in stature, wearing red shoes, a jean jacket and a ball cap." 

On campus surveillance video, the shooter appears to be drawing a pistol as he enters a building (MSU Police) 

Associated Press reports three people are confirmed dead and five wounded in an attack that was first reported to police at 8:18pm local/Eastern Time. Soon after it began, the university urged students and staff to "Secure-in-Place immediately." Videos circulating on social media show large groups of students fleeing danger, and police forces rushing past them to locate the shooter. 

The shooting appears to have spanned multiple locations on campus. On a live feed of Greater East Lansing Public Safety police radio, dispatchers were heard passing on reports of shots heard at various buildings around the campus, which is about 90 miles northwest of Detroit. 

A dispatcher was also heard reporting multiple casualties in at least two different classrooms, and that students reported that the shooter was in the hallway of Berkey Hall and that they were attempting to flee the building by jumping out the classroom windows. Shooting was also reporting at the student union.

One tweeted video appears to show a body being moved to a gurney: 

Early on, MSU police tweeted that the suspect has been described as a "short male with a mask, possibly Black."

On social media, some people echoed claims that multiple shooters were involved in the attack. However, an MSU police tweeted that "it appears there is only one suspect at this time."

In the initial police radio reports, shots were reported at Berkey Hall, which is home to MSU's College of Social Science, Institute for Public Policy and Social Research, and the Department of Sociology. 

Shots were initially reported at Berkey Hall on the northeast edge of campus

Compounding the mayhem, a dispatcher announced that a caller to 911 claimed that explosives had been placed on the campus. There was no subsequent indication of any substance to that call.   

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