Miami Prepares For "Lawlessness And Carnage" Weekend As Mayor Vows To End Spring Break

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Mar 25, 2023 - 12:00 AM

With spring breakers causing chaos across the South Florida area, Miami Beach is bracing for another wave of mayhem. According to the New York Post, business owners are preparing for three days of "lawlessness and carnage." 

"These people [spring breakers] have zero respect for any property, for anybody. Drugs, prostitution, you name it we've seen it.

"You walk on the street on a daily basis and you've got guys coming up to you, [asking] if you want coke, if you want marijuana.

"The people that come to Miami Beach in the last couple of years are no spring breakers... They're adults. They're troublemakers," said Sebastian Labno, who co-owns several restaurants in the area.

Miami Beach is already reeling from last weekend's riots, shocking execution-style murders, and a number of smash-and-grabs. The violence was so bad that Miami Beach declared a state of emergency and implemented a curfew last Sunday into early Monday. 

The identity of the spring breakers causing chaos can be seen in videos posted on Twitter.

And maybe Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber has reached a breaking point. He told Bloomberg:

"It's time Miami Beach gets rid of spring break.

"Spring break is not a driver for the kind of economy we want."

Gelber's potential move to end spring beak is probably due to the ultra-rich who moved to South Florida during the pandemic. 

Officials in Miami Beach have expressed interest in ending spring break over the past several years due to the weeks of chaos that occur annually in March. However, despite enforcing temporary curfews, no permanent action has been taken to address the worsening violence.