MSM Triggered Over 'Chinese Virus' Phrase They Coined Weeks Ago

Ever since President Trump began using the phrase "Chinese virus" to describe COVID-19, which originated in China, members of the mainstream resistance have been echoing CCP talking points by suggesting it's nothing more than a racist phrase - despite using it themselves ad nauseam.

They've also referred to it as the "Wuhan virus" - which 'woke' journalists were just fine with until Trump used it.

Former Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren - who masqueraded as a Native American to advance her career, even blurred out Trump's use of the phrase in a Thursday tweet. 

And now, a photojournalist for the Washington Post has taken a picture of President Trump's notes from his Thursday coronavirus briefing, in which he crossed out the word "Corona" and replaced it with "Chinese," which has become the latest piece of evidence in this ongoing, hypocritical media outrage.

What do you think we should call 'the virus'?