MTG Bares Fang-Fangs, Throws House Meeting Into Chaos Over Swalwell 'Sexual Relationship With A Chinese Spy'

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Apr 20, 2023 - 08:22 AM

All hell broke loose during a Homeland Security Committee meeting on Wednesday, when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene accused Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) of 'having a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy.'

"That was quite entertaining from someone that had a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy. And everyone knows it!" Greene said, kicking off her five minutes of allotted time.

New York Democrat Daniel Goldman immediately offered a motion to have her words “taken down,” which would strike them from the official hearing record and bar her from speaking further. The committee’s GOP majority voted to table the motion, and Ms Greene was permitted to resume speaking. -Independent

Swalwell allegedly banged an alleged Chinese spy who helped him fundraise in 2014. After an FBI briefing on the woman, the top Democrat said he cut all ties with the woman - Christine Fang, also known as Fang Fang.

The relationship caused then-House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to call for Swalwell's removal from Congress - asking Fox News host Laura Ingraham; "Why is he still on the Intel Committee and why is he still a member of Congress?”

Mccarthy noted that the intel committee has access to information that no one else does.

“Remember what the intel committee gets. Information that no other members are able to see,” McCarthy said. “And remember what this member did. He was so preoccupied going after this president he was not protecting our country from bad actors.”