Murder Chaos Overruns Baltimore As Liberals Fail To Maintain Law And Order

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Friday, Jan 28, 2022 - 03:40 AM

We want to ask our readers: Why is it that the most liberal metro areas have some of the worst violent crime in the country if liberals are so peaceful and loving? 

We gravitate to Baltimore City, where the city's top prosecutor halted prosecuting minor crimes in early 2021. Before the new policing approach, the metro area had already been overtaken by a violent crime wave since the 2015 riots. And it's only getting worse. 

According to local news WMAR-TV, 25 days into the new year, there have already been 31 homicides. 

"We're not even a full month into the new year and already Baltimore City has seen more homicides this year than there have been days," the local news station said. 

At the moment, the city is averaging a homicide per day. Violent crime is worsening and spreading into the downtown district filled with major financial institutions, bar and restaurant district(s), and tourist areas. 

The 2022 homicide trend is well above all years dating back to 2017. 

Newly elected Mayor Brandon Scott and Police Commissioner Michael Harrison have said the police department is "doing their job by aggressively and relentlessly pursuing these violent offenders. The department works around the clock to solve these crimes, make arrests and improve the quality of life in our city."

"Those who commit these violent acts will be held accountable and we will use all resources at our disposal to ensure the safety of Baltimore residents. The violence must stop, and we need everyone's support to achieve sustainable reductions of violence in our city," said Harrison.

What's shocking is that "no arrests have been announced for any of these 31 homicides," the news station reported. 

Mosby's focus to no longer prosecute drug paraphernalia possession, minor traffic offenses, open container violations, and defecating in public, among other petty crimes, has failed to lower the violent crime rate as promised. 

On top of all this, the police department is struggling with staffing shortages that have strained patrols and made homicide investigations harder. 

As violent crime surges, liberal cities need to rethink policing to restore law and order.