Netflix Backlash: Fury Over "Cuties" Sparks #CancelNetflix Movement

Netflix's decision to carry a controversial French film hypersexualizing young girls has prompted a mass exodus - with some 600,000 subscribers vowing to cancel the service over the movie, according to Bloomberg.

The film, Cuties, was picked up by Netflix after it won a Sundance Film Festival award for Dramatic Directing (notably, Sundance Festival co-founder Sterling Van Wagenen was sentenced last year to six years in prison for child sex abuse).

The movie depicts four pre-teen children essentially training to be whores in scenes seemingly tailored for the enjoyment of pedophiles.

Reactions to the movie have been both predictable and bizarre - with outraged family-first conservatives calling for Netflix to remove the film, and liberals - who can't resist arguing against literally anything, defending pedophile culture by calling opposition to the film 'QAnon propaganda.'

Unsurprisingly, BuzzFeed, the New Yorker and Vox have similarly defended the film - framing critics as 'right-wing nuts.' Even Bloomberg's Lucas Shaw seemingly defends the film - writing "Many of the critics don't care about the point of the movie..."

Even Axios...

Netflix defended the film, calling it a "social commentary against sexualization of children."

Meanwhile, the push to remove 'Cuties' has reached Washington D.C. - with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) slamming it the sexualization of children, and calling for the DOJ to investigate the film.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) asked Netflix to explain why they decided to carry the film.

Controversy over the film caused the hashtag #CancelNetflix to go viral, while according to YipitData, the company's domestic churn peaked at all-time highs on Saturday as a flood of subscribers canceled their service.

Disturbingly, Cuties is #7 on Netflix's list of the top 10 programs in the United States today.

What's next, murdering puppies?