New Hampshire Voter Flips For Bernie Because Of MSNBC's "Constant Stop Bernie Cynicism"

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Feb 11, 2020 - 02:45 PM

Well this is awkward...

With Democrats just desperately hoping the New Hampshire Primary goes off with less hitches than Iowa's utter farce, it seems the propaganda arm of the DNC - otherwise known as MSNBC - has been exposed for its blatant narrative-control (and this time by a card-carrying member of the public who is registered as a Democrat - not some racist, deplorable "who would say that, right?")

After noting that she voted for Bernie to the incredulous MSNBC host, the lady, uncomfortably dropped a truth bomb live on air...

"...the reason I went for Bernie is because of MSNBC... I think it is completely cynical to say that he's lost 50% of his votes from thelast time (when there were 2 candidates) because now there are multiple wonderful candidates."

The MSNBC anchor frowned but the New Hampshire voter went on...

"...the kind of 'Stop Bernie' cynicism that I heard from a number of people on MSNBC made me angry and so I said 'ok, Bernie has got my vote'..."

As The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald commented so accurately:

"This is one of the greatest Americans ever to live. Savor all of her wisdom..."

In case you are unaware of the propaganda, here is one such disingenuous clip...

The DNC establishment can only hope that tonight's primary will prove her an outlier - or they will have to try considerably harder than they did in Iowa to rig the votes against the socialist's seemingly unstoppable surge.