New York And DC Democrats Complain That They Are Being Overloaded With Illegal Immigrants

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jul 21, 2022 - 10:20 PM

Democrats complaining about illegal immigrants?  Ah, how the tables turn.  Aren't they supposed to be “inclusive” to a fault?  Not so much when they are directly affected by the consequences of their own policies.    

Democrats for many years have flatly denied being in favor of open borders in the US and have also denied being in favor of broad amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants already in the country as a means to gain an army of voters.  Yet, all of their actions and legislation suggests the very opposite.

Just this week, House Dems introduced a bill that would allow for “rolling registration” of illegals; any illegal immigrants that have been in the US for more than seven years could automatically apply for citizenship and be approved.  The official claim is that there are 11.7 million illegal immigrants within the US today, but other studies suggest the number is at least 15 million, producing a net fiscal drain of around $143 billion a year.  That's your money from your pocket being expended on services for people that should not be here.

Biden's immigration policies have created a firestorm of chaos on the southern border as millions of illegals (the majority of them single adult men) make the crossing attempt with the expectation that their citizenship is basically assured by the White House.  This has resulted in an epidemic of smuggling deaths, a rise of at least 50% in people detained at immigrant facilities and an increase of migrant border encounters to the tune of  2 million in 2021 and likely even more in 2022.  

Democrats don't care, because they want those votes.  And it's not so much about influencing presidential elections as it is about swaying the course of state and local election in their favor.  Democrats have aggressively attempted to block state measures to require ID or proof of citizenship at voting stations.  Why?  They claim voter ID is about “racism,” insinuating that brown and black people are too incompetent to get a driver's license (talk about racist!).  But the reality is that they are attempting to give illegal immigrants all of the benefits of being US citizens so that when the Dems do another push for amnesty the population shift will already be normalized.  At that point amnesty will seem like we are simply going through the motions.  

However, something has changed recently.  Democrats are revising their tone and their attitudes when it comes to the immigration problem, and you can probably thank the brilliant maneuvers of Texas, Arizona and other red states for that.  The Biden Admin has demanded that Border Patrol officers and ICE focus only on “criminal elements” for deportation (all illegal immigrants are already criminals, by definition), while keeping hundred of thousands of others in detention or allowing them to enter states freely.  Greg Abbott's plan to bus these illegals to major leftist centers like New York and Washington DC has relocated the chaos right into the laps of Democrats, and they really don't like it.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has complained that city services and homeless shelters are being strained by the surge in immigrants transported into the area by red states. 

Her claim is now that these immigrants are being “tricked” into getting on the buses and coming to DC.  She offers no proof of this claim, and even if it's true, it's not technically illegal anyway because the passengers aren't supposed to be in this country in the first place.  The argument is a deflection from the real issue, which is that our nation cannot and should not cater to illegals, and her own city is evidence as to why. 

New York Mayor Eric Adams also stated in a press conference on Tuesday that the influx of illegals into the city was 'a real burden' on public services and shelters.  He also added that the public school system in NY would be impacted (i.e. overwhelmed) because they do no turn away students based on citizenship status.

Both Adams and Bowers have petitioned the federal government for aid to handle the jump in population of people in poverty.  Many of them can't speak English and have none of the skills necessary to acclimate to the NY or DC economies.  Interestingly, NY and DC are considered “asylum cities” which seek to thwart federal immigration agents from catching and deporting illegals within their jurisdictions.  So, unless they forsake their woke politics, they are stuck with a growing mass of non-citizens with no ability to adapt to the blue city environments.  

Hilariously, these same democrats were pompously bragging back in April about how Texas and other red states were “doing them a favor” by relocating illegal immigrants deeper into the US and paying the bus fare.  Former Press Secretary Jen Psaki said it was "nice" of Texas to bus migrants into DC.   They aren't bragging anymore; now they are desperate.  Certainly, the Dems will seek to redirect the debate – they will attempt to make the issue about the buses and the tactics of red states rather than acknowledging the real question:  If they can't handle the migrant surge in places like New York or Washington, then how can they expect the rest of the country to do it?