New York Indoor-Dining To Resume Sept 30th, Cuomo Urges Citizens To Snitch On Violators

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Sep 09, 2020 - 01:24 PM

So what "science" changed in the last 24 hours?

Just a day after a large group on New York restaurateurs filed a $2 billion lawsuit against Cuomo and De Blasio over the ongoing COVID lockdowns, the Governor just announced that indoor-dining will be allowed (at 25% capacity) starting on September 30th.

The restaurant owners exclaimed:

“We’ve been patient, the numbers are fantastic, the COVID statistics, we don’t know what more we could do,” said one business owner.

“This is a lawsuit. We don’t wanna do this. This is not us, we are workers. We work 100 hours a week. It’s not a luxurious lifestyle. I have waiters; none of them drove here in a Ferrari today.”

And now they can open - but who decided that 25% capacity was the right number? why not 30% or 50%?

“Because compliance is better, we can now take the next step,” the governor said.

Additional restrictions would also be placed on restaurants and their patrons, including a requirement to wear face coverings when not seated.

Still, as The NYTimes reports, even with the Sept. 30 reopening plan, the restrictions in New York City will still be more stringent than other parts of the state, where restaurants are operating with half their indoor tables in use.

Cuomo also claimed that if the infection rate remains low, the capacity limit could increase to 50% and in addition to 400 inspectors (who will police the new policy) urged citizens to report any violations of this new policy.