New Zealand Police Play "Barry Manilow" And "The Macarena" To Antagonize Capitol Protesters

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Monday, Feb 14, 2022 - 04:00 AM

The authorities in New Zealand have found a new strategy for warding off unwanted demonstrators who are camping outside the Parliament building: playing "Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits" and the "the Macarena" on repeat to try and ward people off.

Of course, the global protest movement inspired by the Canadian "Freedom Convoy" is vexing governments from the antipodes to Europe, and beyond.

And in a few instances, the demonstrators have responded in kind by playing Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It". Hundreds of demonstrators have been camped out outside Parliament in Wellington since Tuesday. According to the BBC, they adopted the name "Convoy for Freedom" and blocked streets in the city.

Although their numbers dwindled to the dozens by mid-week, they increased again by the time the weekend arrived.

Police haven't been shy about making arrests: on Thursday, police arrested 122 people and charged many with trespassing or obstruction. Yet, still the demonstrators persisted.

The local police haven't stopped at playing music. Other tactics of dispersal have included "turning on sprinklers" on a lawn where protesters had camped out.

But again, protesters retaliated by digging trenches and building makeshift drainpipes to re-route the water.

On Saturday, singer James Blunt responded to a headline about authorities sonic repellant, and joked that his music should be added to the playlist.

Sure enough, somebody was apparently paying attention, since an observer said his hit "You're Beautiful" was added to the authorities' playlist on Sunday.