"This Is Not Democracy" - Protester Storms Stage At Bloomberg Rally

Just days after Bernie Sanders' campaign co-chair Nina Turner blasted Democratic Party Presidential Nominee candidate Mike Bloomberg as an "oligarch," during a furious MSNBC segment, it seems one member of the public has had enough of the juxtaposition of a billionaire blowing hundred of millions of dollars to become President with the victory last night of an avowed anti-wealth socialist.

At a rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Wednesday for the former New York City Mayor, a furious middle-aged woman, clinging tightly to her handbag, stormed the stage and excalimed:

"Bloomberg is trying to buy this Election... That is not Democracy! That is plutocracy!"

You can see her point when you consider the massive, outsized amount of ad-spend Bloomberg has been gushing into markets nationwide...

As fivethirtyeight,com details, this amounts to almost $300 million in spending on ads by the Bloomberg campaign.

But that is a drop in the bucket considering Bloomberg is worth over $60 billion, and is one of the richest people in the worldaccording to Forbes.