Not The Onion: Michigan Inn Forced To Remove Norwegian Flag Because It 'Resembles' Confederate Banner

Just when we thought the woke PC madness of 2020 couldn't get anymore absurd, a local incident out of Michigan is so astoundingly stupid that even the AP reported on it with a tone that aptly captures the inanity:

Owners of a Michigan bed and breakfast have removed a Norwegian flag outside of their business after being accused of promoting racism from people who think that it is a Confederate flag.

Kjersten and Greg Offenecker, owners of The Nordic Pineapple, hung the flag opposite of the American flag after they moved into the Civil War-era mansion in 2018, the Lansing State Journal reported. They took both flags down last week.

Entrance to The Nordic Pineapple Inn in St. Johns

“This flag is so often mistaken for the Confederate flag and people are often offended by it before they realize that they are mistaken,” Kjersten Offenbecker, owner of The Nordic Pineapple bed and breakfast, wrote on Facebook last week. She said she was forced to “find a less conspicuous place” for the flag after what amounts to constant harassment over it.

The Nordic-themed business reported receiving “at least a dozen hateful emails,” and a constant barrage of verbal attacks for the Norwegian flag, which merely happens to be red, with a blue and white cross. It had long flown beside the American flag over the boutique hotel's front steps.

“We love being members of the St. Johns community and are heartbroken to have had to make this decision,” Offenbecker said.

The Nordic Pineapple B&B, via Facebook

Perhaps she's more heartbroken about how absolutely stupid people are? It appears so...

“It bugs me as far as the stupidity of people,” Greg Offenbecker remarked. “Even if the flag is blowing in the wind or laying limp, there are no stars on it. They look nothing alike.”

“I don’t see it because I grew up with the Norwegian Flag,” Kjersten Offenbecker said. “To me, they are two distinct flags.”

The AP reports the couple, obviously of Norwegian heritage, have two Black children which they previously adopted.

Yet the whole flag kerfuffle has resulted in repeat accusations that they are 'racist'.

It's 2020 and though many have high hopes of preserving the Republic, we're more clearly fast descending into an Idiocracy.