NYC Records Most Violent Week This Year With 46 Separate Shootings 

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Apr 26, 2021 - 07:00 PM

A summer of gun violence could be nearing for New York City as Mayor Bill de Blasio, a symbol of America's ultra-progressive left, cannot stop a wave of shootings and homicides. 

According to NYPost, NYPD data reveals the metro area endured its bloodiest week so far this year as shootings and homicides erupt.

About 50 people were shot in 46 separate incidents over seven days ending Sunday (April 26). Compared to the same time last year, violent crime has skyrocketed 300%. To be fair, the metro area was in lockdowns last year around this time, but still, de Blasio's liberal policing policies are failing.

This weekend alone, there were two dozen people shot and three killed. A weekend from hell could be the first course of many more as warmer temperatures bring more people outside and into the streets. 

In response to the mayhem, de Blasio has unveiled a plan to stop gun violence with new efforts to place more police officers in high-crime districts and convince gangs to trade in their weapons for jobs. 

Ahead of the summer months, a surge in violent crime and reopening could be a perfect storm to fuel a violent crime wave. 

De Blasio's inability to stop gun violence is very troubling. A spike in crime has given city dwellers a reason to move out of the city for peace and quiet as they remote work in the suburbs

Nearly three decades of declining violent crime have reversed thanks to de Blasio and his liberal band of progressives who think they know best when it comes to how policing should work. Certainly, defunding the police and dismantling the NYPD anti-crime unit has backfired. 

New York City faces an absolute disaster of failed liberal leadership and an example for the next mayor of what not to do to move the city forward.