NYPD Are Being Encouraged To Strike On July 4 In Response To City's Anti-Police Sentiment

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Friday, Jun 19, 2020 - 10:06 AM

There is a labor strike brewing at the New York Police Department, where officers are reportedly being encouraged to call out sick on July 4th in order to give the city its "independence". 

The move comes after weeks of police officers around the United States facing unprecedented backlash as a result of the death of George Floyd. So far, officers in Buffalo and Atlanta have both been reported to have resigned and/or called out en masse and now it looks like the New York Police Department could be next.

Flyers are being passed around that suggest the strike in response to proposed police reform and an "anti-cop" climate that many officers believe make it more difficult to do their jobs. 

A text message that is going around between NYPD officers says “NYPD cops will strike on July 4th to let the city have their independence without cops,” according to the NY Post

“Cops that say we can’t strike because of the Taylor Law, the people and this city doesn’t [sic] honor us why honor them [sic],” the message reads. The origin of the messages are unclear. 

“Police officers like you and me took an oath to protect strangers regardless of race, class or gender. Today we are vilified and must stand as one,” it continues. 

Another such message uses the hashtag #Bluflu and tells officers to call out sick July 4. It says if they are denied the sick day by their precinct, to call the main NYPD sick desk or to ask for an ambulance. 

“If you are held because of the #Bluflu, request a bus and go sick from command,” the message says. 

PBA President Patrick Lynch said: “The situation we are in right now is no joke. NYC cops have reached the breaking point. Over the past few weeks, we have been attacked in the streets, demonized in the media and denigrated by practically every politician in this city. Now we are facing the possibility of being arrested any time we go out to do our job.”