Obama Emerges From Political Hibernation To Endorse...

In what Bloomberg reports as one of the closest election races in Canada’s history, it will all come down to incumbent Justin Trudeau’s ability to persuade his marginal supporters to look past his black-face-wearing missteps and cast their ballots.

Crucially, women and young voters are key, which is perhaps why the fact that former US President Barack Obama has come out of hiding to tweet his endorsement of the black-face-wearing Canadian is even more crucial just days before the election...

Meddling much?

If Obama's support helps Trudeau with this marginal voter, he should win a second term, albeit with a weakened mandate. If he doesn’t, he’ll go down as a one-term wonder, allowing little-known Andrew Scheer to become the next prime minister.  

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.’s aggregate poll averages, 54% of Canadians disapprove of his performance with an approval rating of just 31%.

Most notably, however, Obama endorsing a white guy who mocked black people by dressing up in back-face (numerous times) seems stunningly hypocritical... especially given his lack of endorsement of Joe Biden (or any of the current US Democratic field).

Finally, some have noted that this could be the kiss of death for Trudeau, just as Obama's meddling in the Brexit vote backfired on the establishment.