Only In Texas: Man Arrested For Dispersing Protesters With A Chainsaw

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jun 06, 2020 - 02:45 PM

A viral - and very bizarre - video emerged Friday showing mayhem unfolding in the usually quiet small southern Texas town of McAllen.

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters were seen outside local businesses in the downtown area when a man wielding a chainsaw approaches the group ordering them to “Move! Go home!” 

“Don’t let those f**king trash Antifa b***h people lie to you,” the man yelled while revving the chainsaw and tearing up protest signs. He's heard shouting racial obscenities while charging protesters. Needless to say the sidewalk was promptly cleared as about a dozen people fled, while others yelled "Call 911!"

"Go home," the man keeps shouting while waiving the roaring chainsaw. "Don’t let those f------ n------ out there fool you," he said in a racist tirade. 

McAllen police later confirmed the man was detained soon after the event and that charges are pending.

Some activists, however, have claimed that police aren't going to in the end pursue charges against the individual. 

Per a local NBC affiliate, police said overall the assembly was peaceful, with the exception of the chainsaw incident, and detailed further

The incident happened on Main Street in downtown McAllen around 2 p.m.

According to Lt. Joel Morales, the man is in custody and charges are currently pending.

Morales had previously confirmed that an assault investigation was underway related to the man.

After last weekend and in the past days riots, looting, and clashes with police engulfed a number of US cities - though the intensity of the violence in the last two days seems to have waned - there's been increasing instances of armed 'counter-protesters' showing up at George Floyd rallies in order to 'protect' businesses and residences. 

The trend could eventually result in direct violent clashes between right wing groups and far-left Antifa members. 

As for the attacker seen in the McAllen video, he doesn't appear to have a very high view of the 1st amendment.

But we should also note it appears the generally 'anti-cop' BLM protesters suddenly appear very grateful to have had the police show up in this instance