Ordinary New Yorkers (& Anthony Fauci) Make A Mockery Of "Science"

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jun 10, 2021 - 11:49 AM

Authored by Andrea Widburg via,

Science is a buzzword on the left, but an Ami Horowitz video about masks, combined with Fauci’s contention that attacking him is the same as denying science, shows that there is no difference on the left between science and ideology. The former is completely subsumed into the latter.

In my neck of the woods (the Southeast) even during the height of COVID mania, only about 50% of people wore masks outdoors. And depending on which store you were in, not everybody was wearing them indoors either. Target had full mask compliance. Walmart and Palmetto Armory did not.

Things are different now.

First, the CDC finally conceded that masks aren’t necessary outdoors.

More importantly, masks aren’t necessary for people who have been vaccinated.

And still more importantly, we know from Fauci’s emails that he was lying to people when he insisted on masks. 

He knew all along that people weren’t wearing masks that made the slightest bit of difference in stopping the virus’s spread (something the data confirms).

Again in my neck of the woods, a conservative state, people are abandoning their masks with the utmost rapidity. That’s not the case in many places. Ami Horowitz went out on the streets of New York to find out why vaccinated people were stilling wearing masks outdoors. He reminded all of them that, if you’re vaccinated and outdoors, it is virtually impossible to get or give COVID.

What was fascinating was that most people really struggled to come up with an answer as to why, on a lovely spring day, they were suffocating themselves on the streets of New York.

A lot of them said they had just gotten used to the masks. Some, though, had principled reasons and I can say with absolute honesty that every one of their principles was the result of Stockholm Syndrome or brainwashing:

What I hope jumped out at you watching that video is that science didn’t factor into any of these. Remember, they were all vaccinated. It was all about feelings, attitudes, and peer pressure. Emotion ruled the day.

And that makes perfect sense because, for the left, science is not a process by which someone advances a hypothesis, conducts a rigorously controlled and carefully observed experiment to test that hypothesis, and then admits honestly whether the hypothesis lived or died. On the left, science is a thing in which you “believe” (kind of like faith), and it invariably supports one’s political beliefs.

And if you have any doubt about that, take a gander at Anthony Fauci. He may be the biggest mass murderer in American History, defending himself for a year full of lies and derogatory statements about medicines that could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, all to defeat Trump.

He doesn’t try to argue the merits of his many positions (he can’t). Instead, he goes on the attack. When you, the conservative troglodyte attack Fauci, you’re attacking “science.” I’ve cued the video up to the point at which he makes that risible claim, but I suggest you watch the whole interview. It’s a miracle of doubletalk, in which his endlessly conflicting positions are all “science.” Also, both he and Chuck Todd carefully ignore that much of what he said in public was belied by his emails, including the fact that he lied to Congress about the whole gain of function issue:

If anyone tells you leftism isn’t a religion, Fauci’s take on matters puts the lie to that claim.