Oregon State Police Are Back In Portland - And This Time They Will Be Sticking Around

While progressives, anarchists, socialists, agitators and their 'woke' enablers in the mainstream press blame right-wing - or 'white supremacist' - groups like 'Patriot Prayer' for the murder of one of the group's own members, the reality is that Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler left an opening for violence to escalate when they pulled out the state police.

Regular readers may remember that President Trump and Department of Homeland Security acting Secretary Chad Wolf finally withdrew federal troops from Portland after reaching a deal for the State Police to protect a federal courthouse in the city. Soon after, Oregon's leading Democrats pulled the reinforcements. But now that a man has been killed, they're realizing the downside of pandering to unstable anarchists.

So - in accordance with the plan released by Brown Sunday night - Oregon's State Police are returning to Portland on Monday, and this time, it looks like they'll be there for a while. At least until the protests, which have endured for 3.5 months, quiet down.

In order to try and make it seem like the police surge is intended to fight crime in the community, rather than serving as a 'dangerous occupying force' (as progressive critics will inevitably label it), Brown has secured "additional resources" from the FBI and the US Attorney's office.

Governor Kate Brown, a Democrat, released a plan Sunday night in response to violence that she said was stoked by an armed right-wing group called Patriot Prayer. In addition to bringing in state police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Attorney would commit more resources to prosecuting criminal offenders.

"Every Oregonian has the right to freely express their views without fear of deadly violence. I will not allow Patriot Prayer and armed white supremacists to bring more bloodshed to our streets," Brown said in a statement.

The locals - and the professional agitators from out of town - gave the state troopers a hero's welcome Monday night by pelting the with eggs and other projectiles. Police said 29 people were arrested at the "unlawful gathering" in northeastern Portland. Two of those arrested had loaded handguns on their persons. Others had knives, and rocks.

While Brown, Wheeler and other Democrats continue to focus their rhetoric on dangerous "white supremacist" groups, the man identified as the shooter in Saturday's fatal shooting described himself as "100% Antifa" during a recent interview.

Gov. Brown underscored her kinder, gentler approach to policing Portland by confirming a new superintendent of the Oregon State Police.

Her name is Terri Davie, and she's a 24-year veteran of law enforcement in the state, according to the Oregonian.

"Terri brings a wealth of law enforcement experience to this role and a strong record of leading by example," Brown said during a statement. "She brings a focus on inclusivity and is dedicated to listening to community voices - including Oregon’s Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and Tribal communities - as we work towards a more fair and just law enforcement system in Oregon."

Meanwhile, as backlash to the shooting crystallizes national opposition to the professional protester class, a large group of agitators who have been heavily trading on their first amendment right to peaceably assemble, Eric Weinstein responded to a clip of one agitator gloating over the killing of the man on Saturday.

Now that's some sad commentary.