Paris Plunges Into Chaos As Protesters Denounce New Security Law 

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Dec 05, 2020 - 03:35 PM

Soaring coronavirus cases, a slumping economy, and continued social unrest plague France at the moment. 

According to RT News, thousands of protesters flooded the street of Paris Saturday to denounce President Emmanuel Macron's "Global Security" bill. 

On Nov. 27, the French National Assembly approved the Global Security bill's Article 24, which makes it illegal to distribute images or videos of police officers that can easily be identified. 

The security bill has been criticized by activists and journalists, who warn the government is set to increase its surveillance tools and restrict rights of posting images and videos of police officers online. Journalists say this violates freedom of the press.

According to Reuters, the demonstration began peacefully in Paris then quickly spiraled out of control as protesters and police clashed on city streets. 

Protesters were seen torching multiple cars. 

Riot police pushed back as protesters advanced. 

Protesters were throwing fireworks at the police. 

A chaotic scene is unfolding across Paris today.

Some of the protests were peaceful. 

Police are holding the line. 

Possible looting. 

More vehicles on fire. 

Protesters are starting fires. 

No official totals on how many protesters - but judging by pictures and video on Twitter - perhaps thousands are in attendance. 

It was noted by AFP that the recent police beating of a Black man, music producer Michel Zecler, also intensified anger among protesters. 

France has been hit by a tsunami of social unrest this year, from the Yellow vests movement to anti-lockdown demonstrations to now the security bill.