Pelosi Punts Stocks, Takes Huge Losses In Tesla, Salesforce And PayPal

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jan 14, 2023 - 04:10 AM

Now-former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has filed her latest periodic transaction report detailing recent stock trades - and she booked a ton of year-end losses.

For starters, Pelosi booked $854,000 in losses on PayPal

She also took a $733,000 loss in Salesforce, Inc.

Pelosi also took a $511,000 loss in Tesla.

Pelosi also took smaller losses in Roblox Corporation ($235,836)Netflix ($129,000), Disney ($114,138), and Alliance Bernstein ($11,500).

Interestingly, Pelosi also sold $2.6 million worth of Google parent Alphabet ($GOOGL), but doesn't list details of a gain or loss, as was the case with her losses.

Is Nancy taking advantage of "tax loopholes for the rich" to avoid paying her fair share?