Peloton Blocks Users From Using #LetsGoBrandon Hashtag

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Nov 14, 2021 - 08:30 PM

"Let's Go Brandon!" has become a political rallying cry among conservative-Trump-loving Americans to show their defiance against President Biden. The phrase has gone viral since Oct. 2's NASCAR race at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, after a reporter interviewing racecar driver Brandon Brown quickly spoke over the crowd who was chanting "F@ck Joe Biden!" She said, "You can hear the chants from the crowd. Let's go Brandon!"

The "Let's Go, Brandon" movement is a unique public response that shows their discontent for the Biden administration. Billboards, bumper stickers, yard signs, rap songsguns, memes, and trending hashtags continue to go viral. But one place that has banned the phrase is fitness equipment company Peloton. 

According to PJ Media, Peloton members used the tag "#LetsGoBrandon" in their profile to connect with other like-minded users. Not too long after they tagged their profiles, Peloton immediately banned the use of it. 

One user shared a screenshot of an alert from the fitness equipment company that said, "this tag does not meet our guidelines. Please contact Support if you believe this is an error." 

Peloton also banned the #StopTheSteal and #TrumpWon hashtags. The company did allow #ImpeachBiden, #WomenForTrump, and others. However, #BlackLivesMatter has almost 270,000 members, while #AllLivesMatter has been banned. 

Peloton added profile tags during the virus pandemic to "provide a more robust way for our Members to connect through shared interests or identity," according to Peloton, adding that tags will make "the in and out of class experience feel more personal and relevant.

Peloton told the Washington Examiner that it has "a zero-tolerance policy against divisive, explicit, or other content that violates our policies."

"We welcome Members from all walks of life to represent themselves through their Tags or by having thoughtful conversations in our groups."

Users of the fitness bike told PJ Media they are tired of liberal left-wing propaganda being forced down their throats. "We can't have a 'Let's Go Brandon'?" said one user. 

"For a company who claims to be so inclusive, they sure do alienate a big portion of its members," another user said. "Attempting to silence our voices will not silence us. It will only grow our will to speak louder."