"Bodies Everywhere": 14 Shot In Chicago Funeral Home During Memorial For Shooting Victimg

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Jul 21, 2020 - 10:10 PM

While US progressive leaders and the mainstream media hypocritically decided many years ago to avert their eyes from the constant deadly violence in the liberal bastion of Chicago, pretending instead that the daily murders in this "gun free" mecca don't really happen...

... tonight's events are just too gruesome to be ignore: as CBS Chicago reports,  no less than 14 people have been shot and wounded near a funeral home in the Auburn Gresham community. Ironically, the funeral was a memorial service for a homicide victim.

"All we saw was just bodies laying everywhere," witness Arnita Gerder told NBC Chicago.  "Shot up everywhere, all over. Legs, stomach, back, all over the place. We thought it was a war out here."

At least 60 shell casings were located at the scene of the shooting.

The shooting took place at 79th & Carpenter streets while a funeral service was taking place. "There was some kind of planned ambush outside the funeral home, where a memorial service was going on for a homicide victim," the report said. 

Officials had previously said that 9 people were transported to hospitals from the scene. The fire department confirmed 2 additional victims were found blocks away, near 63rd Street, getting themselves to the hospital.  One woman was reportedly "shot multiple times". 

People at the scene said that they were inside the funeral home when the shooting started - some were covered in blood after the incident. 

CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar spoke to a woman who was part of the funeral and had blood on her jeans; she did not know whose blood it was.

De Mar is told some victims walked into hospitals, and officers even took some victims to hospitals.

One person of interest was being interviewed Tuesday night.

Some law enforcement personnel in military fatigues were also seen according to CBS 2.

Crime statistics indicated there were 13 murders last month in the area, compared with just three in June 2019. There were five murders in the area just last week.  For the broader Chicago area, earlier today CPD revealed the following YTD crime stats:

  • 417 murders in 2020 vs. 275 in 2019.
  • 1654 shootings in 2020 vs. 1125 in 2019.
  • 6 murder victims were ages 1-4 in ‘20.