Portland Police Declare "Riot," Use Smoke Grenades, Pepper Balls As Violence Flares Up 

Police in Portland declared a "riot" Monday night as protests flared up outside Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler's residence at a condominium complex in the downtown area, complete with fireworks and other loud, disruptive activities.

The Oregonian reported at least 200 demonstrators "marched to the Pearl District condominium tower where Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler lives to demand his resignation."

The local newspaper said, "demonstration quickly turned destructive as some in the crowd lit a fire in the street, then placed a picnic table from a nearby business on top of the fire to feed the blaze. People shattered windows and broke into a ground-floor dental office, including a chair, and added to the fire and office supplies." 

Allison Mechanic, a reporter for KATU News, posted a series of videos on Twitter showing police tackling demonstrators and other scenes of generalized chaos. 

Fires broke out as Antifa members attempted to burn down the mayor's apartment building.

"This was the arson fire that prompted a riot declaration tonight," the Portland Police said on Twitter while quoting a video from The New York Times reporter. "It was critical to secure the area to allow firefighters to respond to this dangerous situation."

Wheeler has been targeted by several civil rights groups demanding his resignation. The mayor has come out in the last couple of days and said he has no plans to do so, placing blame on the Trump administration for the violence. 

Trump has deployed federal forces to the imploding Democratically-controlled city. The president has criticized leaders of these cities and towns, such as ones in Portland, Chicago, and New York City, as unrest continues into late summer and violent crime surges. 

Trump has surged in the polls following the Republican National Convention, while enthusiasm for Joe Biden and Democrats slips. 

Trump has made it a focal point of his presidential campaign, ahead of the Nov. 3 elections, to bash Democrats for inciting violence across major metro areas. This has given the president a boost in the polls.