Pro-Trump Activist Returns To Clean Baltimore Streets For Fourth Time

Authored by Peter Svab via The Epoch Times,

Conservative activist Scott Presler has put together yet another group of volunteers to pick up trash from the streets of Baltimore.

It was the fourth time that Presler has embarked on the sanitation quest, sparked by President Donald Trump’s criticism of the city’s maintenance record.

“We’re officially the trash brigade,” Presler wrote in a Dec. 14 post on Twitter, posting a video from the cleanup that day.

“Whether rain, nor sleet, nor snow, we’re on a mission to bring love into urban areas across America.”

The city has struggled with trash on its streets for years, and its shrinking population has left more than 16,000 uninhabitable empty houses. Many of the homes are in an unsafe condition—the city owns many of them, but only comes once a year to clean up the alleys, Presler was previously told.

Some of the most squalid neighborhoods are in West Baltimore, where Presler focused his efforts.

Presler pulled off the first cleanup on Aug. 5, removing over 12 tons of trash with the help of some 200 volunteers.

He said in a prior interview with The Epoch Times that he was tired of people talking about what should be done and wanted to do something about the problem in Baltimore, “even if it’s just me on a street corner picking up trash.”

Since August 2019, we’ve removed 29 tons of trash from the city of Baltimore. We made a promise to 81-year-old, 4-foot-10 Miss Louise that we would keep coming back,” states the web page Presler set up for volunteers to register for the last cleanup.

“In addition to picking up waste, we are asking volunteers to bring gifts that we can donate to Toys For Tots in Baltimore. The best way to show love is through actions, not words.”

Presler also helped organize similar cleanups in other cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and Newark, New Jersey. Altogether, over 105 tons of trash have been removed from the streets as a part of these initiatives, he wrote in a Dec. 11 post on Twitter.

The largest cleanup was in a homeless camp in Los Angeles, where the volunteers picked up more than 50 tons of trash. They had to wear “hazmat suits,” he wrote in a Dec. 3 post on Twitter, because the city has “dangerous bacteria.”

“I want to make it very clear. This is not Baltimore, this is worse than Baltimore,” he said in a video attached to the post.


Presler, a dedicated Trump supporter, has a major presence on social media, with more than 300,000 followers on Twitter, where he posts prolifically under the nickname #ThePersistence.

In his latest initiative, he plans a voter registration drive for 2020, starting in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Jan. 11, and going through Florida, Virginia, Oregon, Texas, California, Tennessee, Washington, and Pennsylvania, before finishing in Massachusetts on Mar. 7.

“I started off as a dog walker. Then, spent 2 years of my life working to defeat Hillary Clinton. Now, I travel to America’s dirtiest cities to pick up trash & register voters,” he wrote in a Dec. 12 post on Twitter.

“I started in the dog house, pick up trash by the outhouse, & want Trump to stay in the White House.”