Putin Defends Bidens, Becomes 'Visibly Irritated' When Asked About $3.5 Million Moscow Payment To Hunter

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Oct 25, 2020 - 08:00 PM

Russian President Vladimir Putin defended Hunter Biden on Sunday, saying the saw 'nothing criminal' regarding his past business ties with Ukraine or Russia, according to Reuters.

Putin's statement would seem to fly in the face of the MSM's latest conspiracy theory that he's somehow behind the release of Hunter Biden's alleged laptop contents, and you should believe that 'whether or not it's true.' It would also suggest that Putin never possessed, or hasn't read the New York Post's undisputed evidence that Hunter introduced a Burisma adviser to his father eight months before Joe Biden pressured Ukraine to fire their Prosecutor General, who was investigating Burisma at the time.

Putin appeared less friendly towards Trump in remarks broadcast by Russian state TV on Sunday. In what may be seen by some analysts as an attempt to try to curry favour with the Biden camp, he took the time to knock down what he made clear he regarded as false allegations from Trump about the Bidens.

“Yes, in Ukraine he (Hunter Biden) had or maybe still has a business, I don’t know. It doesn’t concern us. It concerns the Americans and the Ukrainians,” said Putin. -Reuters

"But well yes he had at least one company, which he practically headed up, and judging from everything he made good money. I don’t see anything criminal about this, at least we don’t know anything about this (being criminal)," said the Russian leader - who leftists in America have spent four years insisting is extremely corrupt, and will now lionize as a paragon of truth.

According to the report, Putin "reacted with visible irritation" over question regarding an alleged $3.5 million payment made to Hunter Biden the ex-Moscow Mayor's widow - responding that he knew nothing about a commercial relationship between Hunter and the woman who President Trump said was tied to Putin during last week's debate.

In September, top Republicans called for the FBI and DOJ to investigate a series of wire transfers from Russian and Chinese businesspeople to Hunter Biden, after Senate Republicans released a report detailing the suspicious transactions - including a $3.5 million wire from a Russian billionaire whose late husband was the mayor of Moscow.

Coincidentally, the same Senate report infuriated ex-Biden business partner Tony Boboulinski after he learned that the Bidens received an alleged $5 million interest-free loan from a now-bankrupt Chinese energy company following the release of a damning Senate report.

In any event, looks like Putin backs Biden.