Rayshard Brooks' Alleged Mistress Arrested For Suspicion Of Setting Fire To Atlanta Wendy's

The girlfriend of Rayshard Brooks has been taken into custody for suspicion of setting fire to the Wendy's where Brooks was killed on June 12.

Brooks' girlfriend, Natalie White, was arrested after a warrant was issued on June 20 and surveillance video was released showing her inside of another store.

Authorities say she is "partly" to blame for setting fire to the Wendy's according to the Daily Mail. Brooks was married, but on the night he was killed he told officers he was there to pick up food for his "girlfriend Natalie White". 

White's attorney confirmed she was "very close" to Brooks but didn't comment further, reportedly out of respect for Brooks' wife, who was grieving him at his funeral at the time White was being taken into custody. 

When CNN asked if she knew Brooks, her lawyer responded: "Yes, but I will not comment on the extent of their relationship."

Surveillance video from the Wendy's

The attorney did, however, confirm that White was the woman Brooks referred to as his girlfriend. He says the Wendy's was "already on fire" by the time White arrived on the scene. She has no criminal record and her attorney insists she did not start the fire. 

"She is absolutely not responsible," he said. He hopes she will be released on her own recognizance after a court hearing.

No one in Brooks' family has spoken of him having a girlfriend, despite him admitting it to police on the night he was shot. He told officers he drank "one margarita" earlier in the night before falling asleep at the wheel of his vehicle. After a scuffle broke out with officers and Brooks turned one of their TASERs on the police officers, he was shot and killed.

Days after his death, the Wendy's where the incident happened went up in flames.