Scandal-Plagued Ubisoft Fires Trans-Skeptic Video Game Programmer Over 'Hateful Comments' They Won't Explain

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Sep 08, 2021 - 02:05 PM

In May, we noted the plight of Antonio García Martínez, a Cuban-American engineer who left Washington state to take a job with Apple - only to be fired after a woke mob of employees targeted statements he made in a book written five years ago which they deemed 'racist and sexist' - yet which Apple knew about before he was hired.

It's happened again

In February, 2020, veteran video game engineer Jeffrey Crenshaw upended his life to move from Atlanta, Georgia to Toronto, Canada to take a six-figure job for scandal-plagued gaming company Ubisoft - only to become the latest victim of woke ideology due to 'hateful comments' he allegedly posted online.

On April 29th, Crenshaw was called into a meeting with HR, where he expected to receive word of his highly-anticipated bonus - "an important detail as my base salary was significantly less than I was making before." Instead, he was summarily fired for "hateful comments on social media" - which Ubisoft refused to elaborate on.

Termination letter (provided by Jeffrey Crenshaw)

Instead, the company offered two weeks' additional pay to sign a 'Full & Final Release' absolving the company of liability for his termination and protect them from litigation, which Crenshaw refused to sign.

After multiple inquiries, Ubisoft refused to tell Crenshaw exactly what 'recent hateful comments' he was fired for - nor has the company responded to inquiries by Zero Hedge. In short, Crenshaw, who has worked in the gaming industry for more than 13 years, cannot get a straight answer as to why he was fired.

One possible clue; the video game maker was in the midst of a massive #MeToo damage-control campaign stemming from multiple sexual harassment claims, while Crenshaw - who has been making political comments online for over a decade, openly admits to a history of social media comments opposing the mainstreaming of transgender ideology - which of course runs counter to the prevailing woke paradigm. In short, wrongthink.

Ubisoft's dirty laundry

Unbeknownst to Crenshaw when he took the job, Ubisoft was embroiled in a sexual misconduct probe which led to three senior executives stepping down and a lawsuit accusing CEO Yves Guillemot and others of fostering an environment of 'institutional sexual harassment,' after dozens of employees came forward with allegations of abuse, harassment and misconduct spanning several years.

Read more about the scandal via the Daily Mail

According to industry blog Gamastura, Ubisoft execs failed to address a 'clear pattern of problematic behavior,' and ran the company like a 'mafia' - with promotions doled out to those willing to 'take a bullet for the family,' while 'those who don't play ball are punished by way of lower salaries and slower career advancement.'

Fast forward to November, 2020 - when instead making meaningful changes to address their #MeToo problem, Ubisoft took a firm stance against...

...people who reject transgenderism.

The first casualty was UK journalist Helen Lewis, whose voice was purged from in in-game podcast for the (horribly reviewed) Watch Dogs Legion over 'anti-trans' comments she made three years prior. op-ed she wrote for The Times in 2017 stated "A man can't just say he has turned into a woman" while writing about new legislation proposed to simplify transitioning in the UK.

After Lewis' voice was stricken from the game, Crenshaw brought up his concerns with co-workers that a "gigantic international corporation [was] using its weight to tip the scales of acceptable social discourse." According to Crenshaw (and science), "it's just undeniable reality that a trans identifying man is not actually a woman."

Several co-workers disagreed with him (one "profoundly" so), after which he "quickly went quiet as to not rock the boat."

It appears it was too late. Crenshaw was marked for cancellation - and would be fired with no explanation five months after the Helen Lewis incident.

"I have never experienced, seen, or heard of a layoff like what happened to me. No forewarning, no performance improvement plan, no details, and it had nothing to do with my performance at work. Even when I pressed for details, they refused to give them to me."

Crenshaw is "100% certain it is comments I have been making with increasing frequency against the trans ideology (pointing out how trans activists vandalized a female-only rape shelter in Vancouver, pointing out how trans identifying men are posed to take medals from women in various sporting events, etc etc -- nothing actually hateful)," adding "Ubisoft is using the strength of its position over little guys like me and Helen Lewis to push an insane ideology that is pushing kids into mutilation and ruining all rights feminists have fought for for decades. It is the most obscene thing I have ever seen."

"In the past few months I have been banned from Twitter, Reddit, Medium, and Youtube, all directly after making comments that argue against the trans ideology," he said.

How were Crenshaw's 'anonymous' posts uncovered?

After posting on multiple platforms under the handle "eiyukabe" for more than 15 years, Crenshaw believes a group of trans-activists targeted him using software such as the Shinigami Eyes browser addon, which allows activists to mark and track 't-friendly' or 'anti-trans' accounts across the internet, or Masstagger, another list-making service.

Crenshaw believes trans-activists, armed with his 'offending' posts, hatched a multi-platform cancel campaign against him, "because in a short period of just a few months before I was terminated, I started getting account bans left and right on various social media networks, all of them because of posts I made going against the trans ideology."

"I believe a person or group of people searched for eiyukabe after I pissed them off on one social media site, found the same username on other sites (and my employer), and went to town," said Crenshaw.

Canada's war on free speech

In June, leftist Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced a bill (C-36) which would toughen provisions against online 'hate speech,' defined as "communication that expresses detestation or vilification of an individual or group of individuals on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination."

Bill C-36 is an attempt to bring back the controversial Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which was repealed in 2013. That provision, which prohibited online speech “likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt,” was condemned as a violation of free speech—not only by figures on the right like Messrs. Steyn and Levant but by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and leftist U.S. linguist Noam Chomsky, who called it “outrageous.” -WSJ

In short, we are now - and have been - at the stage where expressing widely-held opinions which run counter to neo-liberal orthodoxy are a threat to one's livelihood.