School Apologizes For Teaching Children That ISIS Is A Terrorist Group After Muslims Complain

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Jun 21, 2024 - 05:00 PM

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A middle school in New Jersey has issued an apology for teaching children that the Islamic State (ISIS) is a designated terrorist organisation.

Students at Schuyler Colfax Middle School in Wayne, New Jersey, were asked to select one answer in a multiple choice test that fits with the description, “It is a terrorist organization that commits acts of violence, destroys cultural artifacts, and encourages loss of life in order to achieve its goal of global rule under strict Islamic Sharia law.”

The choice of answers was the Islamic State, Peru’s The Shining Path, al Qaeda, and the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, with Islamic State being the ‘correct’ answer.

In response, a group known as ‘Teaching While Muslim’ (TWM), charged “We have seen anti Muslim & anti Palestinian sentiments, teachers, and content in our schools over and over again. But we must not allow it to continue.”

The social media post from the group continued “Call and email everyone that you can. This is NOT okay on a million levels. Go. And yes. This is real.” 

The post ended with the hashtags “anti-Muslim racism” and “Islamophobia.”

In a further statement, the group claimed that the test “wrongly implies that terrorism is a fundamental part of an ‘Islamic State,’ and has a ‘goal of achieving global rule under strict sharia law.'” 

The group further described that as “anti-Muslim hate” and “factually inaccurate,” asserting “This is a continuation of US and Zionist propaganda aimed at fear mongering against Muslims AND Palestinians.”

“Why is the PLO on that quiz?” The statement continued, despite it being the incorrect answer to the question. 

“This is indoctrinating children to hate Muslims and making Muslim students targets of bigotry and prejudice in a place where they should feel safe,” the statement concluded.

Following this, the school caved and issued an apology.

“The question was offensive and contrary to values of respect, inclusivity, and cultural sensitivity that we foster at Schuyler,” a statement declared, adding “A priority is always to cultivate safe learning environments for all students regardless of background or belief.”

“We apologize for this incident and understand the impact and deep concern,” the school further proclaimed.

Sorry for teaching kids that Islamic extremists are terrorists.


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