Seattle Official Peddles Conspiracy Theory That CHOP Shooting Was Right-Wing Attack

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Jun 21, 2020 - 03:15 PM

A leftist Seattle councilwoman who embedded herself in the front lines of the city's George Floyd protests - which culminated in the establishment of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (now called the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, or CHOP) - has suggested that a deadly shooting in the anarchist district might have been a "right-wing attack."

In a late Saturday statement, Kshama Sawant wished her "deepest condolences" after the shooting which left one protester dead and another in critical condition.

"Socialist Alternative and I stand in solidarity with the family and friends of the victim, and with the injured protester now in the hospital, as well as with all community members and fellow activists," she said, before delving into her conspiracy theory.

"Though we await confirmation of the details of the killing, there are indications that this may have been a right-wing attack. If so, this would not be the first such attack on the Capitol Hill Black Lives Matter protest."

If this killing turns out to be a right-wing attack, President Trump bears direct responsibility, since he has fomented reactionary hatred specifically against the peaceful Capitol Hill occupation, and even threatened to intervene with federal troops. -Kshama Sawant

She then blamed "conservative and corporate media outlets" which have "whipped up right-wing hate by completely misrepresenting the nature of the peaceful protest occupation," (policed by a warlord who's been arming young protesters with semiautomatic rifles from the trunk of his Tesla).

Sawant's screed then suggests that 'violence by the right' is rarely prosecuted 'under capitalism,' and that the system even goes so far as to 'shield the perpetrators.' 

In other words, she's suggesting the CHOP shooting was a right-wing attack which may be covered up.

how much time has been spent investigating the right wing, with their threats and acts of real violence? Just in recent days, neo-Nazis have been making public statements calling for the killing of protesters. Yesterday, on Juneteenth, the day of celebration of defeating the confederacy and ending the institution of slavery, many far-right and reactionary figures have made calls to start a new Civil War. We must demand accountability and justice, and if the police fail to thoroughly investigate and bring the killer(s) to justice, we may need to launch an independent community investigation. -Kshama Sawant

According to the Washington Post, CHOP turned violent after a 2 a.m. argument which escalated into a fight "and resulted in 10 gunshots."

The Post continues, reporting that "The suspects fled while volunteer medics, who were stationed on the same corner, rushed to treat the victims.

Omari Salisbury, a citizen journalist for Converge Media, live-streamed on Facebook as the officers approached and announced they were coming to extract a shooting victim. The crowd shouted back: “He’s already gone.” A Seattle Fire Department ambulance was stationed one block away while medics prepared to transport the victims. -WaPo

The shooting drew condemnation by Republican lawmakers, who called on Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) to break up CHOP.

"Last night, radical left-wing [policies] and [Durkan’s] complete lack of leadership resulted in a young teenager dead and another injured," said Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) over Twitter. "First responders attempted to render aid after a deadly shooting in the #CHAZ, but were met by a violent mob and forced to retreat."

Meanwhile, the New York Times' Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter, Nikole Hannah-Jones promoted the conspiracy theory that "government forces" are setting off fireworks in Brooklyn to disrupt the Black Lives Matter movement.