Sen. Tom Cotton Calls To Ban Chinese Students From Studying Science In The US

For the most part, Senator Tom Cotton has been on the ball: he was one of the first to raise objections about how China has reported their coronavirus data and was calling for investigations and accountability months before others in government even knew that the virus was a threat to the U.S. 

Cotton is now calling for Chinese students to no longer be able to study science and technology in the U.S. and also claims that China is likely trying to steal a vaccine from the U.S. 

On Fox News Sunday morning, Cotton said: “In the middle of a pandemic, what’s the most valuable intellectual property in the world? It’s the research that our great laboratories and life science companies are doing on prophylactic drugs, therapeutic drugs, and ultimately a vaccine.” 

He continued: “So I have little doubt that the Chinese intelligence services are actively trying to steal America’s intellectual property as it relates to the virus that they unleashed on the world, because, of course, they want to be the country that claims credit for finding those drugs or finding a vaccine, and then use it as leverage against the rest of the world.”

He referred to the fact that U.S. education has trained “so many of the Chinese Communist Party’s brightest minds” as a scandal, according to the NY Post

Cotton continued: “So I think we need to take a very hard look at the visas that we give the Chinese nationals to come to the United States to study, especially at the post-graduate level in advanced scientific and technological fields.”

“If Chinese students want to come here and study Shakespeare and the Federalist Papers, that’s what they need to learn from America. They don’t need to learn quantum computing and artificial intelligence from America,” he concluded.

Cotton has said that the CCP is “both criminally negligent and incompetent” in reacting the virus, which has now spread across the world.

You can watch his full appearance with Maria Bartiromo here: