Dramatic Video Shows Large Mob Looting Compton Gas Station

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Apr 17, 2023 - 10:00 PM

There has been a surge in lawlessness in recent weeks across several large progressive cities. The most recent incident occurred in Compton, a city in southern Los Angeles County, California, over the weekend when a large mob stormed a gas station. 

Los Angeles-based KABC reported the "large mob" that "bum-rushed" the Arco gas station near Alondra Boulevard and Central Avenue on Saturday night stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. A dramatic video of the incident has gone viral on Twitter. 

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department told the local news station that much of the store's merchandise was stolen in minutes. 

Compton resident and customer of Arco, Greg Johnson, said: 

"It's unbelievable. Unreal. I've never seen anything like that happen here." 

Commenting on the incident is the police advocacy nonprofit organization National Police Association which tweeted: 

"When your DA hates cops, loves criminals, and dismisses victims, and your state government is focused on de-incarceration this is what you get - Wild video shows large mob ransacking Arco gas station in Compton." 

We've pointed out to readers that lawlessness is unfolding in multiple liberal cities this spring: 

If possible, steer clear of liberal-run cities. The growing trend of lawlessness is worrisome.