Snopes Triggered By Trump Tweeting Obvious Satire While CNN's Don Lemon Speechless Over Meme

Fact checking website Snopes contacted the White House after President Trump retweeted an article from the Babylon Bee, a popular website known for its right-wing satire.

On Tuesday, Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis tweeted the article in question with the preface: "The Bee mocking the Dems," which President Trump retweeted, according to

One would think at this point any idiot would realize it's obvious satire, from a well known satire outlet, retweeted by a President known for his frequent use of satire.

One would be wrong.

The perpetually-fundraising Snopes saw a potential story there (which has yet to be written). Notably, this isn't the first time the 'fact-checker' has targeted the Babylon Bee's very obvious satire. Apparently Snopes readers don't get it.

An email from Snopes' Dan Evon to the White House reads:

"President Trump recently retweeted a post from @JennaEllisEsq containing a fake quote from an entertainment article. Was President Trump aware that this quote was fake when he sent it? If so, why wasn't it accompanied by a message labeling the quote as fiction?"

Snopes then asked the White House why Ellis's tweet was not "accompanied by a message labeling the quote as fiction," despite the preface "The Bee mocking the Dems."

Ellis told Disrn: "This is yet another idiotic instance of 'fact-checking' the President for his excellent sense of humor. The fake news media refuses to show the wonderfully kind, fun, and generous side of our President. Instead, they pompously pretend they have to take every tweet or joke at a rally seriously.

It's great that President Trump continues to show his good humor and be himself. America loves his honesty and direct calling out of fake news."

Meanwhile, Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon told Disrn:

"I'm not surprised by this at all. They don't like conservatives, so they're intent on painting us as a fake news outlet, rather than the well-known satire publication that we are. This time, they're concerned we might have duped the president, or that the president might be duping others because he didn't attach a disclaimer to our piece. It's just one more example of their bristling at humor they don't like."

They really aren't sending their best...

Meanwhile, Trump has been triggering more than just Snopes - as CNN's Don Lemon was absolutely triggered after the Trump War Room tweeted a modified clip of Trump's head on the body of the villain Thanos, before he erases his enemies with the "Infinity Gauntlet."

Lemon was widely mocked for his performance:

Hopefully Lemon survives this: