State Lawmakers Push To Protect Girls From Competing Against Biological Males In Sports

Authored by Julia Johnson via The College Fix,

The Democrat-controlled U.S. House wants to force schools to let biologically male students compete in girls’ sports.

State lawmakers in Tennessee and Washington have their own ideas, however, taking preemptive action to keep school sports separated by biological sex.

They introduced bills last month that would require schools to identify students by their original birth certificates for the purpose of deciding eligibility in single-sex sports. Such requirements contradict the federal Equality Act, which would set sports eligibility on the subjective gender identity of student athletes.

The odds for federal legislation are slim. The Equality Act is awaiting action in the Republican-controlled Senate more than seven months after the House passed it, and it’s unlikely President Trump would sign it.

But the Tennessee bill, introduced by Republican Rep.  Bruce Griffey Dec. 9, faces its own hurdles as the Legislature prepares to reconvene next week. Transgender sports activist Chris Mosier tweeted about it Saturday, putting a national spotlight on an issue that galvanizes progressives.

Meanwhile, the Washington bill by Republican Rep. Brad Klippert has not technically been introduced. The lawmaker “prefiled” the bill Dec. 4. The legislative session also starts next week.

Lawmakers told The College Fix they were spurred to act by the politicization of sports, biological differences between men and women and personal reasons.

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