Dramatic Footage Shows Home Owner Fight Off Home Invaders In Fatal Confrontation

Next time somebody tries to tell you that you don't need a gun to secure your home, show them this video.

It was a normal day for one homeowner in the wealthy Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights. When the doorbell rang, he assumed his landscapers had arrived, and opened the door.

However, the masked men standing outside weren't his landscapers. They pushed their way into the house, carrying a bag of zip ties and a blow torch. Doorbell footage that later leaked to the Internet shows the two would-be robbers, Bradley Finnan, 39, of Chattanooga, Tenn. and Larry Brodacz, 58, of another nearby suburb, pushing their way into the house, followed by the sounds of a scuffle indoors.

20 seconds later, Finnan can be seen running out of the house, with the homeowner in pursuit. The homeowner can be seen tackling, then brutally pummeling Finnan with his fists, while shouting for help from his neighbors. Finnan gets away, but trips, and was later taken into custody by police.

However, his partner wasn't so lucky.

What happened exactly isn't clear, but at some point, the homeowner managed to fatally shoot Brodacz. The two home invaders appeared to not b

Now, Finnan has been charged with home invasion and murder (since, in most states, if someone is killed in commission of a felony their accomplices are held responsible for the killing) by prosecutors in Cook County.