Stunning Images Reveal Downtown San Francisco Is Boarded Up Amid Mass Looting 

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Dec 02, 2021 - 02:30 AM

San Francisco is spiraling out of control amid a massive wave of "smash-and-grab" gangs targeting retail stores. Progressives have transformed the metro area into a liberal hell-hole of surging violent crime. Retail thefts have dramatically increased due to the recent passage of 'Proposition 47,' which lowers the penalty for theft. 

By now, readers are well familiar with nearly two dozen Walgreens stores in San Francisco that have closed up shop due to the high rate of thefts (read: here & here).

Lately, organized crime gangs have been targeting ultra-luxury retailers, such as Louis Vuitton stores. There was also an eighty-person flash mob that looted a Nordstrom in the Bay Area last week. 

As a result of all the looting and failed progressive leadership doing nothing about the smash-and-grab crimes, retailers have taken things into their own hands by boarding up windows and doors. 

Ahead of Christmas, here's what the liberal utopia of downtown San Francisco looks like:

Twitter user Michelle Tandler who captured photos of downtown said, "I have no words right now to convey the shock and disappointment I feel towards our local government. My hands are trembling I am so angry at our leaders. This is their doing."

Boarded windows > broken windows.

This is what happens when the criminal justice system doesn't work.

San Francisco has become lawless and residents and businesses are going into self-protection mode.

The stats are fictitious. Nobody reports. People are hunkering down.

We are all over the news.

A shiny example of what a progressive-run city looks like.

I believe our government is more akin to a regime than a body of public servants. San Franciscans -- this is our doing. It's up to us to reverse the trend.

It's only a matter of time before progressive California lawmakers come under fire and are booted out of office for their failed policies. For civil society to work, law and order need to be restored.