Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Trump Appeal Over Financial Records Disclosure

In a mostly expected progression, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear appeals from President Trump in three cases involving efforts to gain access to his financial records.

All of the subpoenas sought information from Mr. Trump’s accountants or bankers, not from Mr. Trump himself, and the firms have indicated that they will comply with the court’s ruling.

As The New York Times reports, the court’s ruling (what NYT calls a
a once-in-a-generation statement on presidential accountability), expected by June, could release information the president has tried to protect; or the justices could rule that his financial affairs are not legitimate subjects of inquiry so long as he remains in office.

In urging the Supreme Court to block the Second Circuit’s ruling while the justices decided how to proceed in the case, Trump v. Deutsche Bank AG, No. 19A640, Mr. Trump wrote that “these ‘dragnet’ subpoena look nothing like a legislative inquiry.”

The case, which will be spun as testing the independence of the court, and the timing would suggest this will be yet another key aspect of the Democrats campaign to ouster Trump before the country is allowed to make a decision in November.