There's No Evidence Of Anything If You Sweep It All Under The Rug

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Sep 18, 2023 - 05:05 PM

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Lost in the debate over what evidence exists against president Biden is the fact that team Biden is busy sweeping evidence under the rug, is caught in lies, and the media is complicit in all of it.

“No Evidence” comic by Mish.

Questions About Biden Are Real Even if Trump Asks Them

The Wall Street Journal comments Questions About Biden Are Real Even if Trump Asks Them

Joe Biden’s campaign lied when it said he never attended a dinner with a representative of his son’s Ukrainian employer, as the Post’s own gullible fact checker was forced to acknowledge in a follow-up piece. Mr. Biden lied to voters, the  New York Times further adjudicated, when he claimed in a 2020 presidential debate that his family had received no money from China and Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation.

There are many other suggestive bits you’re probably tired of reading about. An FBI confidential source, apparently credible to the agency, with known ties to Hunter’s Ukrainian employer, reported on multiple occasions that the company’s owner claimed to have paid money to both Hunter and Joe.

Both political parties would find their strategy of peddling tall tales impossible—the circle of suggestion would be impossible to close—if mainstream journalism wasn’t so full of cowardly conformists, who ask not what is true but how to advance the desired narrative, and therefore have no credibility with the public.

There Is Evidence for an Impeachment Inquiry

Also consider There Is Evidence for an Impeachment Inquiry

Former Hunter business partner Devon Archer says Joe Biden was “the brand” being sold, and that as Vice President he participated by speakerphone with Hunter and his business associates at least 20 times, and that he also met or dined with Hunter and his foreign associates. These included Russian oligarchs, a Ukrainian executive being investigated for corruption, and a Chinese business partner for whose daughter Mr. Archer thinks Joe Biden wrote a college letter of recommendation.

An FBI informant has told the bureau that Mykola Zlochevsky, Burisma’s CEO, paid $5 million each in bribes to Hunter and Joe. This hasn’t been corroborated. More recently we learned that Hunter business partner James Gilliar emailed Hunter and other associates that 10% of a deal with Chinese energy firm CEFC was to go to the “big guy.” Former Hunter business partner Tony Bobulinski has said the big guy was Joe Biden.

The Biden money trail goes through at least 20 shell companies; the Vice President used different email pseudonyms; and at least 170 financial transactions related to Hunter or Joe’s brother James Biden were flagged to Treasury as suspicious. A pair of IRS agents, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, told Congress that the Justice Department undermined their investigation into Hunter Biden’s emails and tax filings.

Mr. Biden has obfuscated all of this from the start, such as denying in a 2020 campaign debate that his family had received money from China. He also invoked a phony talking point cooked up by 51 former intelligence officers to declare Hunter’s infamous laptop Russian disinformation. His administration has stonewalled House efforts to get the information it seeks and has now set up a war room to fight an inquiry.

To say there’s no cause for investigation is to deny the reality of all we’ve learned about the Biden family business.

On Impeaching Joe Biden

Next up, please consider Impeaching Joe Biden

A politicized Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation have squandered the public’s trust. The elevation of Mr. Weiss to special counsel has persuaded many that the fix is in, given Justice guidelines that say a special counsel should come from the outside. Mr. Weiss’s appointment further gives President Biden the “ongoing investigation” excuse for not answering questions, which could bury the issue.

It may turn out that Joe Biden committed no crime. But even if he never received a nickel from his son’s businesses, his cooperation in Hunter’s selling of the Biden brand was corrupt. Ditto for President Biden’s Justice Department, which repeatedly sabotaged the federal investigation into Hunter.

The party line is that there’s no evidence that Joe Biden profited from his son’s dealings. But the administration has stonewalled any effort to get at the truth, and the White House is now building a war room of lawyers and communications staffers to fight the investigations. It’s disingenuous to argue there’s no evidence while you are working overtime to thwart any attempt to find evidence.

No Direct Evidence That Hunter Biden Actually Exists

In a bit of hilarious comedy, the Babylon Bee comments White House Says There Is No Direct Evidence That Hunter Biden Actually Exists

“When you think about it, there’s not really any conclusive proof that this ‘Hunter’ guy is even real,” said historic, gay, black Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to reporters. “Have any of you even seen him in person? Have you actually physically touched him? For all we know, Hunter is just a figment of the GOP’s wild and fevered imaginations. It’s sad, really.”

The gathered journalists murmured and nodded in agreement at Jean-Pierre’s excellent point.

“It’s a shame we didn’t start questioning the notion of this ‘Hunter Biden’ fiction a long time ago,” said Meet The Press anchor Chuck Todd. “How could we have been so blind to the deep deception of the far-right? The whole thing was a hoax! This is an attack on democracy.”

Meaning of Evidence

It seems the press is hung up on the word “evidence”.

Nothing above is “evidence” except for the fact that the Biden money trail goes through at least 20 shell companies, the Vice President used different email pseudonyms to hide that, then lied about it.

Use of shell companies strongly hints at corruption, tax evasion, or worse. The rest of it isn’t “evidence”, it’s allegations of corruption that merit discovery based on what we do know.

Rug Not Big Enough

The problem for Joe Biden certainly isn’t the press.

Rather, the problem, as noted by my cartoon, is finding a rug big enough to cover up Joe’s known lies and all the details (let’s not call them evidence) uncovered by the FBI.

The best idea might very well be to deny the existence of Hunter Biden altogether.

The only alternative is to get bigger and bigger rugs then hope no one notices.

Meanwhile, let’s discuss other problem of Biden’s making, EVs, inflation, regulatory madness, and immigration.

Colombia Traffickers Make $10 Million a Month Helping Illegal Migrants Reach the US

Biden vowed to “end the illicit movement” of people through the Darién jungle in Colombia. But the profits are too big to pass up. A record 360,000 made passage this year. That’s well above the record 250,000 for all of 2022.

For discussion, please see Colombia Traffickers Make $10 Million a Month Helping Illegal Migrants Reach the US.

Bidenomics Inflation

Inflation sucks and there is plenty of blame to spread including the Fed, Congress, and three stimulus packages.

But Biden’s Big EV push is behind much of this recent angst.

It takes fewer hours to build an EV. Biden is pushing them like mad despite the fact that consumers do not want them because the infrastructure isn’t in place. Ironically, increased mileage standards have negative benefits according to a government study (at long last getting something right).

So now the union wants a 32-hour workweek with a 36 percent raise (down from 40 percent) more benefits, and ability to strike over plant closures despite the fact it takes fewer workers to produce an EV.

There is no one other than Biden to blame for this latest round of economic and environmental madness.

Elon Musk Taunts the UAW, “Tesla Pays Workers More and We Have Fun”

This union battle was created by Biden, the EPA, the Labor Relations Board and other administration regulatory agencies.

For discussion, please see Elon Musk Taunts the UAW, “Tesla Pays Workers More and We Have Fun”

Finally, let’s go over Biden’s gasoline mileage mandates.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Analysis of Gasoline Standards

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA did an impact assessment of 4 fuel standard proposals and compared them to the cost of doing nothing. Guess what.

 Buried deep on Page 56,342 of volume 88 of the Federal Register, the agency makes this concession about its latest proposed rules: “Net benefits for passenger cars remain negative across alternatives.” In plain English, this means that mandating ever-more-stringent fuel economy for passenger cars will harm society.

Here is the NHTSA’s bottom line: “Net benefits for passenger cars remain negative across alternatives” vs doing nothing at all.

The Shocking Truth About Biden’s Proposed Energy Fuel Standards

For discussion, please see The Shocking Truth About Biden’s Proposed Energy Fuel Standards

Regardless of how we assess the winners and losers in the UAW battle, over the short and long haul we all lose from the push to pay more for the regulatory and environmental madness of this administration.

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