Chicago Thieves 'Boast' Of Ease Of Store Break-Ins By Dumping Loot On Democrat Governor's Lawn

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Jan 07, 2022 - 02:20 AM

Chicago police have confirmed that a high-end Burberry store on the city's central Michigan Ave. was robbed no less than two times this week, with the second break-in coming early Thursday morning. The first instance was Tuesday morning, with the burglaries being especially brazen given they took place in daylight hours, or just before dawn. The Tuesday incident involved five men in a White SUV, but apparently with no other leads or identifiers. So naturally they hit the same site again, plus others.

But as CWB Chicago details of the second break-in, it appears the criminals are positively boasting about the ease of mass theft in a seemingly "lawless" windy city: "A group of armed burglars broke into two Lakeview convenience stores, dumped their stolen cash registers in front of Gov. JB Pritzker’s home, and then burglarized the Burberry store on Michigan Avenue early Thursday."

Image: NBC Chicago

It appears to be the same criminal gang, and what's more is that police indicated it all happened in under 45 minutes. They're believed to have escaped with an estimated $100,000 in merchandise from the Burberry store, with other loot from the separate stores as yet unknown.

According to further details for the spree, "Burglars broke into Apple Bite, a liquor store at 2919 North Broadway, around 4:10 a.m. and then burglarized Belmont Harbor Market, 401 West Belmont, around 4:35 a.m., according to separate police reports. They took cash, registers, liquor, and tobacco products."

It's hard to imagine the purpose of taking the chance of casually going by the governor's Chicago residence to dump presumably empty cash registers in front of the home, other than to "boast" and in effect rub the Democrat governor's face in it.

The bizarre antics come amid a spate of break-ins where thieves are breaching small Chicago stores with ease. Perhaps in a strange and hugely ironic way, the thieves themselves are seeking to demonstrate the fact directly to the governor.

"Late-night burglary sprees targeting small stores for liquor, cigarettes, and cash registers have been an ongoing problem across the North Side for several weeks, the Thursday CWB Chicago report highlights. 

"Some stores, including Belmont Harbor Market, which was targeted this morning, have been hit twice" it underscored. And here's the topper from ABC7 news: "No one is in custody for either incident."