Three Quarters Of US Voters Say Country Is "Out Of Control" Under Biden; New Poll Finds

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jun 01, 2024 - 04:50 PM

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A whopping three quarters of voters say the US is “out of control” and on the “wrong track” under the Biden administration, according to a poll.

A Hart Research/Public Opinion Strategies/NBC News survey reveals that 73 percent of voters overall hold the opinion, making it the highest on record under any president since the tracking began.

The last time the number was this high, it was under George W. Bush in 2008, with 70 percent. The Obama administration had 65 percent expressing the same opinion.

The poll also found, like most others, that Trump is leading Biden in six of the seven swing states, including Wisconsin, where some other polls have recorded Biden having a narrow lead.

The survey also discovered that non-white voters are turning away from Democrats, and to the Republican Party. In the past four years, non-white voters have shifted approximately 40 points in favour of the GOP.

Republican pollster Bill McInturff highlighted that 41 percent of registered voters now identify as Republicans, and 40 percent as Democrats. By comparison, in 2016, Democrats had a seven point advantage.

As we highlighted yesterday, Democratic operatives have claimed the Party is in full blown “freak out” mode over Biden’s decline.

A majority of Democrat voters still want Biden replaced with another candidate just months before the election.

On Wednesday, Biden failed to fill a high school gymnasium in Philadelphia, with the school kids themselves filling up the empty space. 

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