Trans Sports Agenda: Drag Queens Carry The Olympic Torch To Launch Summer Games

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Monday, May 27, 2024 - 02:45 PM

The push for public acceptance of trans athletes has been relentless for the past few years.  The agenda has been forced to the forefront of western social discourse despite the fact that the majority of people polled believe trans athletes should not be allowed to compete outside of their biological sex.  In other words, men pretending to be women should not be allowed to compete with real women because of their inherent physical advantages.  

It seems like common sense, but today we live in a world where common sense is under attack.  The International Olympic Committee has joined in the program to promote trans propaganda, first with their removal of testing restrictions on trans competitors.  For the 2024 Olympic Games trans athletes will no longer be required to undergo testing to prove they are using hormone treatments or procedures to transition.  This means any man can simply claim he is a "trans woman" and compete in most women's categories.  Only 10 out of 48 sports categories at the Paris Summer Olympics will have rules against trans competitors. 

Numerous sports associations worldwide have begun to tighten rules regulating trans participation, but the Olympics seems to be going in the opposite direction.

Women athletes and many critics argue that these policies will destroy female sports by flooding the arena with biological men.  We have already seen an array of women's competitions dominated by male participants over the years and many female athletes losing out on scholarships.  Over 70% of Americans want trans athletes to be restricted to their biological sex.  Over 70% of female athletes in the UK want the same.  Polling in Europe is more difficult, at least 14 countries have strict hate speech laws which could be used against anyone criticizing the trans movement.     

To further alienate the public, the Paris Olympics featured three drag queens carrying the Olympic torch this year.  The torchbearers are chosen by the Olympic sponsors and organizers, usually because they have made a significant contribution to their community and because they personify the theme of that Olympics.  The theme of the Paris Olympics is:  "Games Wide Open"

One drag queen going by the moniker "Miss Martini" was even sponsored by Coca Cola.

For now it appears that the pendulum is swinging against the trans agenda in sports and it's hard to say if any organization, even one with massive global reach like the Olympics, is going to convince the populace that men pretending to be women and crushing women's sports is a normal thing.

Despite the criticism, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has reaffirmed her full support for the drag torch bearers, stating: “I’ll say it again: I am proud and, yes, Paris is proud that a drag queen will carry the torch and the values of peace and humanity."

But pride is a weakness, not a virtue.

Sports are supposed to be the most refined representation of meritocracy on an even playing field.  Accomplishment is not supposed to be won through identity, nepotism or fraud.  There is the arena, there is the competition, and only one group or person can be at the top based on fair play.  The invasion of woke politics into the sporting world symbolizes more than just a LGBT propaganda campaign, it's a subversive war on merit and the realities of biology.