Trump To Award Limbaugh Presidential Medal Of Freedom

President Trump will award Rush Limbaugh with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the country, after the conservative radio icon announced that he has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, according to Politico.

Limbaugh, 69, shocked his fans on Monday with the news, telling listeners that his treatment plan means "there are going to be days when I’m not able to be here."

Limbaugh and Trump are friends, as the two have been seen golfing together on numerous occasions.

A Florida resident himself, Limbaugh has repeatedly been spotted golfing with Trump at the president’s Mar-a-Lago beach club and dining at the clubhouse afterwards.

Trump told network anchors earlier Tuesday that he was saddened by the news of Limbaugh’s diagnosis and had extended a last-minute invitation for him to join the first lady in the gallery at the State of the Union, according to four people familiar with the conversation. The president also said he plans to award the Medal of Freedom to Limbaugh as soon as next week. -Politico

According to the report, Trump was visibly "shaken up" by the news while speaking with reporters, and "kept mentioning that he and Limbaugh saw each other in West Palm Beach, Fla. as recently as December, when the president was in town for an extended holiday stay."

"He said he told Rush, ‘You look great – like you’ve lost weight,’ but that Limbaugh didn’t say anything at the time about his health," this person said, Politico reports.

"Rush just signed another four-year contract. He just wants four more years, OK?" said Trump.

Limbaugh said on Monday that he first noticed something was wrong during the second week in January, and was confirmed to be cancer by "two medical institutions" on January 20th.