Trump Base Ignited Amid Impeachment Chaos; $5 Million Raised In 24 Hours

It's been a dramatic rollercoaster of a week in Washington, and it's only Wednesday. 

What began as a MSM-fueled third-hand whistleblower rumor that President Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden for pressuring Ukraine ended up with House Democrats launching an impeachment inquiry before looking at the underlying evidence. 

Then it unraveled, and it's not going well for the left.

The whistleblower was reportedly found by the intelligence community Inspector General to have 'political bias' and was in favor of a 'rival candidate' for US president. 

The claim that Trump pressured or threatened Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into investigating Biden melted into a puddle of fake news after a transcript of the call revealed no such thing - and Zelensky himself said during a Wednesday press conference that "nobody pushed me." 

Now - as Nancy Pelosi predicted, Trump's base has been energized by what the right largely views as a continuation of the so-called 'witch hunt' against their President. The result? According to Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale, is an incredible $5 million raised by the GOP and Trump's campaign in 24 hours - a "Huge groundswell of support." 

One might think Democrats would begin to understand that continuing to push absurd claims - after their two-year Russia investigation was a bust, overshadows any legitimate criticism of Trump and allows him to keep pointing to the clown show. 

Nancy gets it. Her rabid constituents do not. However much to her chagrin - as President Trump noted on Wednesday, "She's no longer the Speaker of the House."