Trump Calls Elon Musk "Another Bullshit Artist"

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Jul 10, 2022 - 09:00 PM

Former President Donald Trump called Tesla CEO Elon Musk "another bullshit artist" after the richest man in the world announced he was pulling out of a deal to buy Twitter.

"One of our highest priorities under a Republican Congress will be to stop left-wing censorship and to restore free speech in America," Trump said during a "Save America' campaign-style rally on Saturday. "And go out, by the way while I'm here and sign up now, for Truth Social. It's hot as a pistol and you see that I called that one, right? Elon. Elon"

"Elon is not going to buy Twitter. Where did you hear that before? From me," Trump continued.

"He's got himself a mess."

"You know, he said the other day, 'I've never voted for a Republican.' I said I didn't know that. He told me he voted for me. So he's another bullshit artist but he's not going to be buying it. Although he might later. Who the hell knows what's going to happen? He's got a pretty rotten contract. I looked at his contract, not a good contract. Sign up for Truth. We love Truth."