Trump Calls DeSantis Feud Rumors "Fake News"

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jan 22, 2022 - 02:20 AM

President Trump on Thursday said media reports of conflict between he and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis were "totally fake news," adding that he foresees a good relationship down the road.

During a phone interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Hannity noted that DeSantis rejected the notion that there was conflict between the two - asking Trump "Is he right?"

"Well, he is right," Trump replied, going on to praise DeSantis.

"The Republicans really stuck together, and it was a great thing, and Ron was one of them, and Ron wanted to run [for governor], and I endorsed him, and that helped him greatly, and he went on, and he's done a really terrific job in Florida," said Trump, adding "Ron has been very good. He's been a friend of mine for a long time. It's totally fake news."


More via Fox News:

DeSantis, who is running for reelection this year, has seen his popularity surge among Republican voters in his state and around the nation over the past year and a half, thanks in large part to his pushback against COVID-19 restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

After Trump recently said in an interview that politicians who won’t publicly say whether they’ve received a COVID vaccine booster shot are "gutless" – which was widely seen as a shot at DeSantis – the governor appeared to return fire in an interview on the popular conservative podcast "Ruthless." DeSantis said he should have been "much louder" in trying to convince Trump to oppose lockdowns as the pandemic was sweeping the nation in February and March 2020. 

And the governor touted that "when COVID was first coming… I was telling Trump ‘stop the flights from China’ because we didn't know what we were dealing with." DeSantis shut down Florida as the pandemic engulfed the nation, but was also one of the first governors in 2020 to lift coronavirus restrictions.

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