Trump: Democrats To Exploit Vote-By-Mail "Scam" For "Greatest Rigged Election In History"

Democrats will exploit mail-in ballots for the "greatest Rigged Election in history," according to a Sunday tweet by President Trump.

"People grab them from mailboxes, print thousands of forgeries and “force” people to sign. Also, forge names," he continued - saying that Democrats are "Trying to use Covid for this Scam!"

Trump's tweet comes as Democratic governors and their administrations have begun to move forward with vote-by-mail proposals based on the CCP coronavirus pandemic.

After Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced on Tuesday that all state voters will receive a vote-by-mail application so "no Michigander has to choose between their health and their right to vote," President Trump threatened to withhold funding to the state - saying the move was done "illegally and without authorization by a rogue Secretary of State," according to Breitbart's Josh Caplan.

"Michigan sends absentee ballots to 7.7 million people ahead of Primaries and the General Election. This was done illegally and without authorization by a rogue Secretary of State. I will ask to hold up funding to Michigan if they want to go down this Voter Fraud path!" Trump tweeted.

Benson says she was "dumbfounded" by Trump's tweet, telling MSNBC's Chris Hayes "With the national spotlight on our state and the pandemic happening in this uncertain time we’re living in, we felt and I feel it’s important now more than ever to give our voters the certainty, the clarity in knowing exactly how to vote in this year’s elections without leaving their home, safely and securely, and the clarity that comes with getting an application in the mail to request your ballot be sent to you to exercise this right," adding that she was "dumbfounded" by Trump's comments.

Of note, a 2018 Michigan constitutional amendment allows for 'no-excuse voting by mail,' according to the New York Times, making this the first election cycle under the new policy.

Trump tweeted similar condemnation of Nevada, which he said ""thinks" that they can send out illegal vote by mail ballots."