'Trump Supporters Targeted' - Gunshot Fired Into Arizona RNC Field Office 

A Republican National Committee (RNC) official tells Fox News that someone fired a gun into the RNC office in Mohave County, Arizona on Thursday evening. 

The official said the incident occurred at the Mohave County Republican Office in Bullhead City, Arizona, around 7 pm on Thursday. At the time, there were five volunteers gathered inside when the bullet shattered a window near the entrance. 

Mohave County Republican Office in Bullhead City, Arizona

There were no injuries, but the official said the bullet's trajectory came "extremely proximity" to where volunteers were working. The official described the incident as a very "scary situation," and said local law enforcement is investigating the matter along with possible motives. 

"Last night, another group of President Donald Trump supporters appeared to be targeted when a gunshot was fired into a clearly-marked local Republican office while they were inside hosting an event," Trump Victory spokesman Rick Gorka told Fox News. "Thankfully, no one was hurt."

He added: "This pattern of violence against our volunteers is sickening."

The incident occurred during the same time of continuing social unrest in Minneapolis (which, at the time, was in the third night), following the death of George Floyd, who was killed by police on Monday. 

This week, America has become more divided than ever, something we explained in a recent piece titled ""Land Of The Free?" - The Polarizing Politics Of A Pandemic Exposed." 

On social media, the riots in Minneapolis have clearly drawn a division between Right and Left of political groups.