Trump Vows To Release Financial Records Before Election Day

With all of the impeachment hype going on, Americans may have forgotten that the "Witch Hunt" over President Trump's tax returns is still ongoing, and that the Supreme Court only just issued a stay on a lower court ruling that had granted the House Oversight and Reform Committee access to the president's financial records.

But with House Dems ready to get right back to their various investigations into the president, including his financial history, President Trump is apparently toying with the possibility of spoiling their whole game by releasing his financial statements (presumably including his tax returns) to the public some time between now, and the next election a year from now.

Trump contends that Bob Mueller spent $45 million and two years on an investigation and didn't manage to find anything - so what do the "local New York Democrat prosecutors" who have taken over an investigation into Trump's finances think they're going to find.

It's actually unclear whether Mueller actually reviewed Trump's financial records during his investigation, according to the Hill.

Of course, this isn't the first time that Trump has promised to release his financial records. Trump made a similar pledge in September to release "extremely complete" financial records following reports about Air Force personnel staying at his resort in Scotland, however, he never followed through.

But the Supreme Court can't keep Congress off forever...the court's stay will only hold until it makes a decision on whether to take up the president's challenge and make its own ruling.

And while the NYT and other media orgs have persistently speculated that Trump doesn't want to release his tax returns because it will expose him for being poorer than he has said, Trump insists that the opposite is true. He is "much richer" than people believe - and that's a "good thing."