Tucker Rips 'Lying Coward' Liz Cheney After She Joins Democrat Meltdown Over His J6 Exposé

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Oct 29, 2021 - 09:46 PM

On Wednesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson released a preview for a trailer on a new series scheduled to debut next week, which tells the "true story" of the January 6th Capitol riot.

It appears to both condemn the left for framing the incident as terrorism and its participants as terrorists, while exploring the potential role of the FBI in staging a false flag.

First, the trailer for "Patriot Purge":

And a reminder of how the left and its corporate media lapdogs framed participants, anyone who supported the protest, and their little dogs too: 

Unsurprisingly, the left has been absolutely triggered over Carlson's upcoming exposé, and wants it stricken from existence before millions, perhaps tens-of-millions of Americans are presented with an alternative narrative that contains highly uncomfortable truths.

"There is no lie too big or conspiracy theory too dangerous for Tucker Carlson to propagate," said top Russiagate / Ukrainegate peddler Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) in a statement to WaPo. "His latest salvo is nothing less than an invitation to violence. By airing it, Fox News demonstrates yet again a willingness to profit from tearing the country down."

And the above SUERPCUT! isn't an invitation to violence?

"It is irresponsible and dangerous for Fox News to promote lies and conspiracy theories," said Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA).

Many pointed out that the calls for censorship were fundamentally anti-American:

And of course, Neocon Rep. Liz Cheney joined the Democrats calling for Tucker's free speech to be stripped.

Carlson responded to Cheney on Thursday, slamming her as a liar and a coward.

"This show is somehow, she says, abetting violence. Now if that argument sounds familiar, there's a reason that it does. That argument is a staple for the hysterical purple-haired activist you see yelling at people in violent videos. 'Your speech is violence' they shout, 'Our violence is speech.' So in other words, burning down America's cities is a civil rights protest. Shooting an unarmed female Trump supporter to death is an act of courage. But, objecting to racist propaganda being imposed on your kids in school - that's terrorism, lock those parents up."

"Until yesterday, she [Cheney] and Nancy Pelosi had a monopoly on how Americans were allowed to understand January 6th. 'It was a racist insurrection,' they told us with straight faces. 'It was the single worst day of political violence since 9/11 or the Civil War. That was their often-repeated storyline, and they were entirely in charge of that story - no questions were allowed.

"But unfortunately for them, that is not how a free society works. Politicians don't get to put parameters around your thoughts or conversations. Free people are permitted to ask any question they want. They can follow the facts to their own logical conclusions, and that is exactly what we set out to do months ago..."

After Cheney refused to appear on Tucker's show to discuss her tweet, the Fox News host called her a "liar" and a "coward."


What the left doesn't realize is that they've just Streisanded Tucker's series into national prominence with the best advertising money can't buy. Whoops!

Meanwhile, speaking of being on the wrong side of the fence: