Tulsi's Youtube, Suppressed!

Authored by Serban V.C. Enache via Hereticus Economicus,

Yesterday, Steven Crowder very easily and quickly proved how Youtube [aka. Google] is sabotaging Tulsi Gabbard with its search results. Gabbard’s channel appeared in the first Youtube results when accessing the website with a Spanish IP. But when Crowder switched to a USA IP address, Tulsi’s channel no longer came up in the results. Crowder’s team made the discovery by carefully monitoring the popular website, after their channel got demonetized back in June.

Crowder also dedicated an entire video on the subject of Google meddling in the US election by targeting Gabbard specifically. He’s not a fan of her political views, however, he supports free speech across the board.

“So that Friday, you search, [Tulsi’s] trending number one on Twitter. All of a sudden [snaps fingers] boom, valve is pinched, you can’t find her exclusively in the United States. You can if you’re in Germany; you can if you’re Spain. United States however – nothing.” 

Crowder pointed out that Tulsi’s channel appeared as normal by Sunday, after Hillary’s “Russian asset” smears made their way out of the news cycle.

Anticipating the standard Google denial response [that their search algorithm is tailored for each unique user], Steven Crowder questioned how a “feature” blocking or suppressing a US presidential candidate’s Youtube channel was a positive thing for user experience.

“Could you please explain to me, your shareholders, and in all likelihood a congressional hearing why you believe it most appropriate in serving your audience to block the content of a United States presidential candidate exclusively in the country in which she is running?”

Tulsi Gabbard has a pending lawsuit against Google over suspension of her Google Ads account the night of her appearance on the 1st Dem Debate, when she was the most searched name on the platform. Thus far she hasn’t replied to Crowder’s discovery. She definitely should! Her campaign staff at the very least.