Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's Twitter Account Hacked, Sends Racist Tweets

It is probably not a good look for a company that claims it has its countless privacy issues under control, to have the twitter account of its CEO, Jack Dorsey, hacked as appears to have been the case this afternoon.

At 3:44pm ET, the @Jack account inexplicably tweeted "Shoutout Debug, Corey, NuBLoM, Joe, Owen, & Aqua #ChucklingHella", which would suggest that either @Jack lost it, or, perhaps just as bad, the account of Twitter's CEO was hacked.

Commenting on the hack, the company's head of communications Brandon Borrman confirmed that "Jack's account was compromised. We're working on it and investigating what happened."

Finally, some practical, and lucrative advice, for the next person to hack the twitter CEO: